Off-Field Testimonials

Off-Field Testimonials From All Around Baseball School

Off-Field Testimonials

I started the off field program 18 months ago. Within the first 3 weeks I noticed I had enormous amount of energy. Things took off from there, less illnesses, better focus and I grew in height and weight. My grades went from low 80’s to mid 90's and my point total went from 12 to 24 ppg. I will continue to follow this lifestyle as I pursue my collegiate career. The program changed my life.

Gina Fumerelle
Senior, Sweet Home HS


Being a duel athlete in HS,football and lacrosse, I needed guidance on when and what to eat throughout the day. The Off Field Program helped me make sure I never play or practice on a empty stomach. Not only did I completely function better but it help me achieve All State honors in both sports. It also help me reach my goal of playing a Div 1 sport in college.

Andrew Hersey
St Bonaventure Lacrosse